This has used to be the website of the ex top 5 Counter Strike Condition Zero Clan "Tactical System Attack". Although it has been inactive since 2012 mainly because of the careers of the members in reallife, some of those still like to play a round in the following games:
- Counter Strike: Global Offensive
- Destiny 2

If you want to get in contact: Steam Group (please keep in mind that this side does not use cookies or tracking, but this cannot be said for the side you reach via the link as we're not responsible for their content).


- Strahly
- ShaRk
- voodoo-master

Honorable Mentions

- Bexli
- jaymelee
- sari

Hall of Fame

- ExcellenT
- FleXu$
- Bonk
- locke#

And all the members of the ex forever squad and ex members in general.